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Venkor Group is a young design and build company specializing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate development based out in Calgary, AB. Venkor Group approached us to get our professional support from branding to a complete website development. In order to stand out from its competitors, the team wanted to create visually impactful website that is different from its competitors. We have performed a market study that evaluated their competitors and perform a benchmark analysis with the best practices in the local market. The branding stage took us 1 month from start to finish and results were a fully developed identity and brand applications. We created all the supporting graphic designs including logotype, corporate style, brand colors, typeface and brand applications such as business cards, quote template, invoice template, ads look & feel.

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Brand design

The brand's logotype represents a skyscraper tower which is closely associated with construction and architecture. At the base of the tower is the name of the company "Venkor" in capital case. The foundation of the building should be strong and rigid that is why the company's name is located at the base, foundation. This establishes brand's trustworthiness and solidity. The background color is a dark blue #1F2534 HEX which conveys brand's sophistication and upscale positioning, Deep blue also creates adds more contrast to the light grey and white branding elements.

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About page design

The website structure was a challenge which was done in several options for clients approval. Combining B2C and B2B products that Venkor Group offers to its clients needed to be clear and intuitive. We tried to keep it simple and easy for the visitors of the website that is why everything is labeled visually and in wording for those carefully reading visitors. Bold, colorful images and consistent color scheme throughout the website navigates visitors and gets them where they need to be based on their interest. Our frontend is build with Tailwind Framework which was great to work with as it enabled us to build fast and super flexible website. Our backend is based on latest Ruby on Rails version which our team always loves to work with. Both frontend and backend have potential to be developed into an easily scalable WebApp if further requested by the client. Please feel free to visit a construction company Venkor Group at to experience it.

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Technology stack

Services provided

  • Brandbook
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing
  • Website design
  • Web development
  • CRM
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